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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 18, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs it's monday, july 18th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." three officers are dead after being ambushed in baton rouge. this morning, new details emerge on the ex-marine. ahead, a look at today's lineup. republican national convention. >> now they are saying, what a great pick. this morning, we are learning more americans are among the dead after a terrorist plowed a truck into a packed crowd in nice. the latest on the man behind the wheel who carried out the
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shocking attack. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm meg oliver in for anne-marie green. police in baton rouge, louisiana, police say a former marine from common sense who shot and killed three law enforcement officers. latest in a deadly string of encounters involving police. president obama urged the nation to come together. >> someone once wrote, a bullet need happen only once. but for peace to work, we need to be reminded of its existence again and again. and again. my fellow americans, only we can prove, through words and through deeds, that we will not be divided and we are going to have to keep on doing it, again and again and again. >> two of the slain officers
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were from the baton rouge police department. montrell jackson and moout gerald. brad garofalo was with the sheriff's office. they are not sure if gavin long, the gunman, acted alone. sunday's shooting happened less than a mile from police headquarters and not far from where alton sterling was killed by police. don champion has more. >> reporter: the investigatos have finished their work at the crime scene after spending hours combing through the area here after that good night. the investigators are helping for the public's help as they dig into the gunman's background. investigators say gavin long, a decorated ex-marine, acted alone when he exchanged gunfire with police officers at a gas station in baton rouge on sunday. the officers were responded to
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reports to a person dressed in all black with a gun. an eyewitness live streamed the rampage on social media. cbs news has learned that long rented a white chevy weekend last weekend and drove to dr. the five-year veteran also posted on social media under a pseudonym. long tweeted just because you shed your physical body doesn't mean that you're dead. investigators had a more than one mile long area shut down while they went over the crime scene for evidence. three officers were killed, c including jackson who had been with the baton rouge police department for ten years. >> we would get through this as a family. we will get through this as a community. >> reporter: officers eventually killed the gunman. baton rouge has been a city on edge since the police shooting of alton sterling nearly two weeks ago. local leaders are calling for calm again. >> we need to sit down at the
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table and have realistic conversation about race relations in this city. >> reporter: kansas city police shut down a road outside of long's home as investigators searched for a motive behind his attack. don champion, cbs news, baton rouge, louisiana. >> one of the police officers killed in the acre jackson posted an emotional facebook message three days after he was killed. he wrote how difficult it was to be black and a police officer. these are trying times, he wrote. please don't let it hate in fact, your heart. this city must and will get better. the head of the cleveland police union wanted the state law allowing the opening carry of weapons suspended but john kasich says he doesn't have that authority. as chris boswell reports, rallies and protests are already
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on way. >> reporter: onlookers looked on. >> donald trump has to go the republican parody as a whole has to go. >> reporter: cleveland is prepared for all kinds of de demonstrations around the republican convention. they have ramped up security on land and on the water. cars entering the vicinity of the quicken loans arena are being checked and officers ranging from local police station to the secret service are out in force. >> we have planned for anything and everything that could happen. >> reporter: 500 cleveland police officers are patrol the convention this week. donald trump and his running mate, indiana governor mike pence, gave their first joint interview to "60 minutes." >> i have seen people frankly who didn't like me so much and now they are saying, what a great pick. you see the kind of reaction. he has -- he has helped bring the party together. >> reporter: governor pence said he is humbled to be on the ticket and acknowledged
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stylistic differences with his potential boss. >> it's probably obvious to people that our styles are different, but i promise you, our vision is exactly the same. >> reporter: the pair will try to sell that vision to delegates on the convention floor and to the american people. craig boswell, cbs news, cleveland. weijia jiang joins us from cleveland now. nice to see you. what is on tap for day one? >> reporter: good morning, meg. every day of the convention has a different theme that is a branch of donald trump's signature message that he will make america great again and today is make american safe again focusing on national security and immigration. it all kicks off at 1:00 this afternoon and the lineup of speakers ranges from parents of americans who were killed overseas to reality show stars, to actors. so there is a lot in store for today. >> reporter: who are the headliners tonight? >> there are a handful of members of congress, along with
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retired army lieutenant general michael flynn, but the really big name for tonight is melania trump. this is one of the first times we will see her deliver a formal speech in front of so many people. >> reporter: mr. donald trump will be there? >> donald trump is not on the official schedule but his campaign chairman paul manafort tells us donald trump will be donald trump. he does not follow schedules and is not scripted and manafort says there is a chance he would make a few scheduled appearance today. >> special coverage for the convention is coming up on "cbs this morning" and we will speak with cbs news political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson. a man was one of the one of 84 people killed in nice. 20-year-old nicholas leslie is the third american known to have
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died. authorities now say the truckdriver responsible may have recently become radicalized. johnathan vigliotti reports. >> reporter: days before mohammed carried out his deadly steel day attack, police say he surveyed the area twice in a white 19-ton truck. police have interviewed eight people including his wife and she has since been released from custody. this resort town on the south coast of france is slowly recovering after the second major attack in the country in less than a year. nice's famous beaches an cafes are coming back to normal. here along the promenade where the attack came to a deadly end, you'll see tiny memorials. each spot marks an exact spot where persons were hit. more than 80 remain in the hospital. claudia who lives in nice was here when the attack happened.
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>> i cry, cry. i think about the people. >> reporter: this tourist came to nice despite the terrorist attack. >> people need to share despite these kind of events. you can't put your life on hold and lock yourself up in your home. you've got to carry out. >> reporter: but there is a long road ahead for the families of victims and the hundreds of injured. many still clinging to life. johnathan vigliotti, cbs news, nice, france. the search for those involved in friday's failed attempt to overthrow the turkish government continues this morning. so far, thousands have been arrested, including top military personnel and members of the judiciary. holly williams reports. >> reporter: the turkish government has moved swiftly, rounding up not just the soldiers who attempted to seize power, but others who it views as enemies, including judges and prosecutors. people are now in custody with
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more arrests to come. at a funeral for some of those killed in the failed coup, president erdogan vowed to destroy what caused it. the attempted coup was a night of chaos and violence as tanks rolled on to city streets. fighter jets buzzed overhead. a bomb tore through turkey's parliament and members of the military took control of turkish state tv and now martial law. but when president erdogan called in from his cell phone urging his supporters to rise up, thousands did. nearly 300 people lost their lives in the clashes, including some of the coup plotters. by early saturday morning, the soldiers were surrendering. in just a few hours later, erdogan supporters were
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celebrating. but the president, who is an islamic conservative is, himself, accused of underminie ing turkey's democracy and locking up his rivals and seizing control of an opposition newspaper. anger over erdogan's authoritarian tacks apparently provoked the attempted coup. many now fear there is worse to come. coming up on the "morning news." wicked weather. twisters tear up parts of iowa and leaving thousands in the dark. and dear donald will reveal the man behind the full page newspaper ad bashing trump. this is the "cbs morning news." mess? think outside the box colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen for 5 shades whiter teeth. brush, whiten, go! no mess, no waiting, no rinsing. colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen.
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temperatures in the 90s are expected to mix in the 90s especially in the messed. kansas city, des moines and minneapolis and chicago expect to see trps in temperatures in . homes and buildings were damaged and trees knocked down by powerful winds in two confirmed tornadoes. a very public letter to donald trump. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the washington post" reports that a ceo spent more than 150,000 dollars for newspaper ads slamming donald trump. the full-page ads which started dear donald ran sunday in new york city and cleveland plain dealer. they were paid for by the head of the hampton creek food company josh tetrick. the guardian of britain reports that a pakistani model was strangled by her brother.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. drug pushers are a step ahead of police. new york senator chuck schumer yesterday saidly seek to add 22 substances to the list of banned drug. his move follows the hospitalization of 33 people who overdosed last week in brooklyn on k-2. k-2 and other substances mimic the effect of marijuana. on the cbs "moneywatch." ghost busters reboot and fight for the top spot at the box office. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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here in washington, the dow gained about 366 points for the week. the s&p finished 32 points higher and the nasdaq rose 71. yahoo! had second quarter earnings. their significant because it could be the last earnings release for the company as we know it. yahoo! is expected to get final bids from companies looking to buy its core business today. yahoo! is selling everything but a 16% stake in yahoo! japan. tesla is upgrading autopilot systems. they have been working on the systems since may. one tesla crashed killing the driver. ceo ilaelon musk ro it could bee of a few upgrades. the weekend box office, the
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. bulk . burning a bright path through the night's sky, a space-x rocket. it's delivering two and a half tons of food and equipment in the company's first stage booster made a vertical landing as it turned to cape canaveral,
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its second ground landing. henrik stenson of sweden shot a 68 under par yesterday in scotland to take the trophy. the first scandinavian man to win the tournament. phil mickelson fell three shots to stenson. to get it back, i don't know how i can tell you, because that was a moment in my personal history that just stood out. >> reporter: she returned to work last week at a san francisco area park after being hurt in a break-in at her home coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," special coverage from the floor of the republic national
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here's another look at this morning's top stories. baton rouge police say a former marine gavin long from kansas city was the gunman who killed three law enforcement officers sunday. three others were wounded. the shooting took place less than a mile from police headquarters. long was killed at the scene. police believe long was the lone gunman, but aren't sure if he acted alone. the attack comes less than two weeks after alton sterling, a black man, was killed by baton rouge police. president obama urged americans to tamp down inflammatory words and actions. the republic national convention opens this afternoon in cleveland. there are heightened security concerns following the baton rouge shootings. huge crowd and numerous protests
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are expected. state law allows the open carrying of weapons. 500 cleveland police officers will patrol the convention. today's convention theme is make america safe again. donald trump's wife melania is one of the speakers. indiana governor mike pence speaks on wednesday and trump accepts the gop nomination on thursday night. covering his 24th convention, cbs news contributor and former "face the nation" moderator bob schieffer spoke to scott pelley from the convention center last night. he offered some historical perspective on the intersection of national turmoil and a presidential race. >> you know, scott, watching this unfold more and more this first reminds me of my fir convention in 1968. the democratic party tore itself apart literally in unpopular war in the sensatioassassinations o
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contend and martin luther king. now after another horrendous day in baton rouge, we are feeling a sense of helplessness and loss of confidence in our institutions, as we did then. they seem impotent. as this convention unfolds, there will be a lot of talk and no instant solutions will be found here nor will there be any such thing as next week's democratic garthering. these have been a long time b building and won't be solved the next two weeks. democrats find ways to work together to solve our problems or they can continue to work against each other and the one thing we do know is, so far, that approach hasn't worked very well. >> insights from bob schieffer.
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coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we are live in cleveland with the kickoff to the republic national convention and a look at the security measures being taken. plus our mo rocca takes us on a quirky tour of cleveland and we will speak with the ownership of the cleveland cavaliers for the team's nba championship win. >> that's all ahead on "cbs this morning." that is the "cbs morning news" for this monday. thanks for watching. i'm meg oliver.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. first dallas now baton rouge a gunman ambushes several police officers killing three of them. now we're learning more about that gunman. the stage is set for the republican national convention in cleveland, taking no chance when is it comes to keeping its guests safe. >> and septa makes more room for riders. learn how it could make your commute a little easier this morning. today is monday, july 18th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. a check on weather and traffic with justin and meisha off today. thanks for joining us. justin, great to see you, happy as always, yep, septa, updates, a lot of construction this morning, mondayng


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